Herts Young Homeless are recruiting two mediation roles - Mediation and Prevention Worker and Couples Mediator. Closing dates are Monday 22nd January and Monday 29th January, respectively.

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About LADR Mediation Training and Consultancy

LADR (Lesley Allport Dispute Resolution) offers mediation, training and practice consultancy to address disputes across many fields including family, workplace, community and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I work in the Midlands as a sole provider and in collaboration with other mediation suppliers and trainers, and I also work nationally and internationally. My training includes contributions from highly experienced practitioners as well as respected members of the academic community.  LADR is approved as a provider of Foundation Training by both the College of Mediators (COM) and the Family Mediation Council (FMC).

All the training programmes detailed below take place in central Birmingham, approximately 10 minutes’ walk from New St Station. Training days run from 9.30 – 5pm. The costs beside each course represent the full fee (i.e. no VAT to add).

If you are interested in any of the courses listed below please email me at

Or contact me on 07801 843185.

Introduction to Mediation

27th, 28th February and 1st, 20th, 21st, 22nd March 2018

This is suitable for anyone wishing to undertake an initial, generic training as a mediator. The training is 45 hours in length and equips successful delegates to mediate in workplace, business, education and local settings. It can provide an additional skill for professionals already working with people through, for example, counselling, coaching or therapy. Successful; candidates are entitled to join the College of Mediators. Cost is £985

Family Specialism

8th, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th and 18th May 2018

This course covers the additional contextual knowledge as well as training in aspects of the process that are unique to family mediation. Delegates attending the course will:

a) understand and work with the trauma of separation and the needs of children and

b) navigate the financial disclosure process and become familiar with the legislative framework.

Participants undertaking the Family Mediation Specialism must either have completed the Introduction to Mediation or, where they have successfully attended a recognised mediation foundation programme in another context, attend the first two days of the Introduction to Mediation. The training is approved by the College of Mediators and the Family Mediation Council. Successful delegates are entitled to register with the Family Mediation Council via one of the Membership Organisations. Cost is £1285 for 6 days or £1650 for 8 days

Family Mediation Refresher: 14th – 16th February 2018

This course is for trained family mediators who are working towards the submission of their portfolio for accreditation with the FMC and would like to refresh their skills and knowledge. It meets the criteria laid down by the FMC for those who applied for an extension under category 2. This 3 day programme will refresh participants and knowledge of the family mediation process and revisit the skills required to be a family mediator. It will include updates on relevant developments within this context and will build confidence to continue working towards accreditation.

Child Inclusive Mediation CPD DAY 14th March 2018

'Adults should talk to kids more'. The FMC's new standards for child-inclusive mediation requires all CIM-trained mediators to take a CPD course annually to share experiences of meeting with children and young people in mediation, to discuss benefits and/or difficulties encountered and to be fully updated in 2018 on the new CIM standards and requirements. Lesley Allport and Lisa Parkinson, both members of the FMC working group on child-inclusive mediation, are keen to develop practice and reflection and this CPD day will be at the cutting edge of CIM thinking and practice in the UK. There are just a few places left on this course but further courses will be offered. Cost is £200.

Professional Practice Consultancy Training (for family mediators)

5th - 6th June and 4th September 2018

This training is suitable for experienced family mediators who are registered with the Family Mediation Council. The course provides a model of supervision that is unique to the mediation context, devised by the trainer as part of a European Masters’ Degree in Mediation. It is highly interactive and provides valuable opportunity for practising family mediators to reflect on and discuss their experience of supervision, while at the same time building and expanding their knowledge and skills into a new role: one that is increasingly central to the practice of family mediation. Participants will be able to begin working as a PPC after the first module. Following a period of practice, delegates will return to reflect on this and present written assignments. The course fully conforms to the selection and assessment requirements laid down by the College of Mediators as a Member Organisation of the Family Mediation Council. Cost is £575


Mediator Placement Scheme at the South East London Family Mediation Bureau (SELFMB)

South East London Family Mediation Bureau (SELFMB) is pleased to announce details of its Mediator Practice Placement Scheme.

SELFMB is a long established and pioneering family mediation service, with a collegiate ethos and a supportive mediation and administrative team.

The Service is offering a time-limited placement for observing (and in some cases, co-working) for 10 hours of mediation. It is designed to provide opportunities to increase experience and confidence to practise for recently trained mediators who are working towards their accreditation.*

This placement will provide an opportunity to observe different mediation styles and techniques practised by the Bureau’s 10 accredited (FMCA) family mediators, who are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds, including family lawyers (both barristers and solicitors), academics, child counsellors, psychologists, social workers and family therapists. See  

The placement will also provide an opportunity to learn more about and observe the ‘Bromley model’ of mediation. See link to Marian Roberts’ article, ‘Hearing both sides: structural safeguards for protecting fairness in family mediation’.

The placement will include the opportunity for a brief at the start and a debrief at the end of each session, be it a MIAM (1 hour), a joint MIAM (1.5 hours), or a mediation session (2 hours).

The placement is expected to be completed within approximately 4 weeks. Please note that out-of-hours appointments are available on Tuesday evenings and some Saturday mornings.

Participants will be encouraged to keep a reflective log to record their observations and will be issued with a signed Certificate from the SELFMB to confirm participation in the programme and completion of 10 hours of case observation / experience.

The terms are set out in a Mediator Practice Placement Agreement (available upon request).

The charge for the placement is £840.00, including VAT.

Applicants are invited to send their CV, name of PPC and copy of PI insurance certificate to Andrew Sims, Service Manager, at  

*Please note that the latest post-training requirements from the FMC state that ‘Before starting to mediate, [the mediator] either observes or co-mediates in a mediation session conducted by an FMCA mediator..’. The SELFMB placement programme comfortably exceeds this requirement of one session and restores it to its previous level (10 hours).

Please also note, the Bureau cannot supervise preparation of the participant’s portfolio for FMCA accreditation, nor will it be possible to use any case observed or co-worked in the 10 hour placement for purposes of the participant’s portfolio. It may be possible, however, to refer to observed cases in the reflective account.



Cross Border Family Mediation

Cross Border Family Mediators, which includes several College of Mediators members, has produced a wonderful short film to publicise the work of family mediators working in cross border cases. The video is available in various languages. Here is the English version; please share it with your colleagues and anyone who may be interested to know more about cross border mediation: