About the College

The College of Mediators was set up in 1996 as the UK College of Family Mediators, an independent regulatory body for family mediation in the UK. With the creation of the Family Mediation Council in 2007, the College’s remit was widened to include all types of mediation, as well as family, and it became the College of Mediators. It has since grown and developed across all fields of mediation and continues to do so. This variety of practice across mediation areas is reflected in the College membership and the variety of organisations which are College-approved training providers.

The College of Mediators currently has over 350 practising members; membership has increased massively in recent years and new members continue to join all the time.

The College is managed by its Board of Directors. The directors are drawn from a wide variety of mediation backgrounds and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to their roles with the College.

Ensuring Quality Provision

Mediators often deal with complex and difficult situations affecting important aspects of people’s lives. For this reason, the College of Mediators believes it is very important that mediators are properly qualified and supported and that they keep up with current developments in this growing profession. All College of Mediators practising members are required to complete training which has been approved by the College and to abide by its Code of Practice. The College requires its members to be properly insured and to have an adequate Complaints Procedure. The College also has its own Complaints Procedure for those few cases that cannot be resolved locally.

We regularly review all College of Mediators policy documents. Current copies of our Code of Practice, Complaints Procedure, PPC Code of Practice, Domestic Abuse Policy, Agreement to Mediate Guidelines and Consulting with Children Policy are available below to download. Any member with a practice query should contact us and someone from the Professional Standards Committee will be delighted to help. 

The College of Mediators issues policies and practice guidelines for mediators but not template documents or sample contracts which can be too prescriptive and not always universally appropriate for our members from broad-ranging backgrounds.

Board of Directors

Lesley Allport (Vice Chair), Stephen Anderson, Lorraine Bramwell, Ryan Compton, Jan Coulton (Chair), Julie Farrell, Stuart Hanson, Laura Kirkpatrick, Ewan Malcolm (Vice Chair) and Paul Turner (Treasurer).

The College and its board are assisted by committees and working groups of members and others who offer their time and expertise to develop the organisational functions in various areas; the most active College committee is the Professional Standards Committee (PSC). This is made up of founding and long-standing College members who have practised as mediators for many years and are also trainers, supervisors, academics, published authors and more.

Current PSC members are Lorraine Bramwell (Chair), Jan Coulton, Denice Houslin, Ewan Malcolm, Paulette Morris, Jill Redshaw, Polly Rowan Hamilton, Lia Shimada, Andrew Sims and Adrian Wright.

The College of Mediators Advisers are Marian Roberts, Katherine Stylianou and Tony Whatling.

Laura Mackey – College Co-ordinator

Laura Mackey The day-to-day running of the College is overseen by the Co-ordinator, Laura Mackey. Laura can be contacted with any queries relating to mediation training, membership, events, publications, training approval or any other aspect of the College's work.

Laura Mackey is an accredited family mediator (FMCA). She trained as a mediator in 2001 and has practised in neighbour, family, workplace, organisational, victim/offender, schools and Special Educational Needs cases. She has worked in various mediation organisations in the North West of England, managing projects and staff. Laura has developed and delivered many accredited mediation training courses; both foundation and continuing professional development. She completed her Masters in Mediation and Conflict Interventions in 2010 and has been the Co-ordinator of the College of Mediators since 2012.